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Do I need to live in Brazoria County to be a member?
Our members can live or work in Brazoria County in order to become an Active Member. Associate, Contributing and Honorary Members are not required to be residents of Brazoria County. Learn more about memberships

I’m under 18 or over 40 years old. Can I still join?
Absolutely! We offer Associate Memberships for those who are over or under our official age range. Associate members have all the perks of regular members but are not eligible to vote in elections or attend official state or national events as a delegate or club representatives.

What are the perks of membership?
Brazoria County Young Republicans are an official federated club of the Texas Young Republicans (TYRF), which is a federated organization under the Young Republicans National Federation (YRNF). Members can be eligible to vote in our club’s elections and propose constitutional amendments, run for executive board positions, and attend state and national YR conventions as delegates. We also offer exclusive discounts or free attendance to local and state Republican events to our members and organize members-only social outings with our fellow Gulf Coast Texas YR clubs.

What do the membership dues pay for?
Part of your membership dues cover our club’s annual required federation dues to the Texas Young Republicans. The other portion covers operating expenses that our club directly incurs throughout the year.

How often do I pay membership dues and how much are they?
Members pay $25 per year ($40 per couple per year). Membership expires one year from the date of your first payment. Learn more

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